About the “Filmwochenende”


Are you eager to watch a German Western on screen again? Are you more interested in an Ukrainian film adoption of a novel in black and white, than in the latest blockbuster? Are you carried away by an insight into the strange world of homeless artists in Romania?
If your answers are ‘”yes” and further film genres, separate from the mainstream, are crossing your mind, then the “Internationale Filmwochenende Würzburg” is right for you. It is one of the oldest, most diverse film festivals in Germany, founded in 1974 by a handful of volunteering enthusiasts, and without topical boundaries or stereotypical thinking. Würzburg thus becomes home of the wide world of film during the four festival days, two weeks before Easter: from the French screen epic, on equal footing with Hollywood productions, to the South Korean horror film; from the no-budget family drama out of Germany, through the US-American independent blaxploitation film, to the Armenian love ballad in black and white. Whether motion picture, documentary or children’s film – all genres have their place at the Würzburg festival.
A distinctive feature of the event are movie presentations by the filmmakers themselves; thus the audience is put in a position to inquire further into the subject, to join a conversation and to comprehend the movies, their makers and the questions they raise in greater detail. A further characteristic of the “Internationale Filmwochenende Würzburg” is its familial atmosphere and close contacts with the guests from the film industry. The festival’s aim is to surprise its audience with movies, perspectives and perceptions that are lacking within the standardized monotony of a film program in a midsize city like Würzburg.
One aspect didn’t change since 1974 by the way: to date the film festival is organized exclusively by voluntary work. Considering 10.000 visitors within four consecutive days, approximately 50 movie screenings and a number of special events, the “Filmwochenende” might claim to be the biggest such event in Germany.